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L’Agence des Normes et de la Qualité (ANOR) has launched Programme d’Evaluation de la Conformité Avant Embarquement des marchandises importées en République du Cameroun (PECAE) from 31st August 2016(date of shipment) to ensure the quality of products as well as the health, safety and environmental protection of Cameroonian consumers and to protect the public against substandard products that can endanger public health, safety and the environment.

An “Attestation de Conformité (AC)” is issued by SGS to exporter to demonstrate compliance of the shipment to relevant approved standards. Based on the “Attestation de Conformité (AC)”, ANOR will issue to importer a “Certificate of Conformity (CoC)”, which is required for Customs clearance. Goods arriving to Cameroun without the corresponding AC/CoC will be subject to a penalty of 5% of the turnover or 100% of the net estimated profit.

With extensive experience in handling various conformity assessment programs, SGS Governments and Institutions provide assistance to exporters to ensure their shipments are in conformity with requirements.

For further information, please contact our service hotline: +86 400 991 5511

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