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World Hotel Association (Below referred to as for WHA) held “2015 News and Business  Leaders Summit Conference” in Beijing in Jan. 2015. SGS as the global leader of Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification Company, was invited to attend the conference.  Entrepreneurs in the same field as well as guests from Marriott, Ferretti, HKCTS, Shenzhen Airlines Group, Lunneg, Yanoda, Travel Channel, China Yong Group. SGS 2015 hotel food hygiene inspection service experience activity officially launched.

Hotel industry is booming, while food safety, hygiene, supplies safety etc. are facing severe challenges. Hotel purchased food contains pathogenic bacteria, pesticide, veterinary drug residue, vermin or products do not meet quality requirements.

The negative news is repeatedly exposure:

Hubei provincial food and Drug Administration inspected that two hotels were found drug exceeded in food in 2014 quarter 3rd.

The Southern Metropolis Daily found that small workshops using inferior raw material producing branding toothpaste which mainly offered high star hotels.

The Chongqing Times reported that a well-known brand hotel bathroom glass door self-broken, result to a supermodel champion injured. All the above problems can be solved under the help of a 3rd party, through food safety testing, hotel supplies testing, and hotel safety management to reduce or avoid such risks.

On site of news conference, Mr Wu Hangjun, CHK food and cosmetic services director of SGS expressed that hotel takes a kind of experience and feeling for customer, which put forward higher requests for hotel operation digital and scientific management. As an international 3rd party, SGS launched Hotel service results confirmation service and hotel procurement quality control solution in order to help new tech hotel gain trust from consumers.SGS hopes our professional team can be aware of the advantages and risks through scientific means during hotel operating after deep discussion with leaders of hotel industries.Had with the hotel industry leaders in in-depth study and discussion, SGS hopes to use its professional team help hotels understand their merits and risks of the hotel operators’ process by means of science, SGS also hopes to provide more professional, comprehensive services for hotel technological innovation

SGS has rich experience in safety and quality control management from the hotel linen, electrical appliances, food containers, tableware, sanitary ceramics, furniture and room supplies, decorations, cosmetics, drinking water, food.  Including: hotel security, green products, hygiene standards, hotel service quality, green building, sustainability and management system certification services for major brands hotels and suppliers.  SGS is your comprehensive hotel quality control chamberlain!

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About SGS

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 80,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1,650 offices and laboratories around the world.