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After introducing the basic concepts and requirements of REACH, several important topics have been selected for the second phase of training, in order to provide practical tips to help you deal with the challenges ahead. As with phase I, phase II will allow you to access the training anytime and anywhere with the Internet.
REACH 200 SeriesThe Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of chemical classification and labeling regulation initiated by the United Nations is now adopted by the European Union (EU). All chemical classification and communication tools have to follow this new system according to the defined timeline.
This series will address the following questions:
What is the difference between the existing EU system and GHS? What is its impact on REACH? REACH 210 SeriesHazardous chemical substances may be present in consumer products but how it actually affects human beings and the environment is another question.
This series will address the following issues:
Basic concept of toxicological assessments Art material and cosmetic toxicity risk assessment How article producers or importers can avoid notification REACH 220 SeriesIn order to comply with the communication and notification requirements of REACH, it is important to identify possible Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) used in consumer products. Several EU associations have identified chemicals that need to be substituted or replaced in the near future. With the analysis of such information together with EU market surveillance cases by governments or NGOs, a list of SVHCs has been established for your reference – the SVHC Preparatory List.
This series will address the following concerns:
SVHCs likely to be found in consumer products Consumer products surveillance pattern of EU authorities Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information:
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