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“2007 Forum of China International Dyeing & Finishing Technology & Improvement of One-time Succeeding Rate in Dyeing” was successfully held on May 29th-30th, 2007 in Hangzhou Bay Hotel. This forum was sponsored by China Textile Engineering Society, China Textile Information Center, China Dyeing & Finishing Information Center. During the forum, over 200 industry participants from the domestic and foreign textiles enterprises, chemicals production trade enterprises, well-known clothes enterprises and scientific research institutes, and further discussed the hot topics of new issues, technologies and development of dyeing and finishing industry. Of all, the new technical requirements of the domestic dyeing and finishing industry raised by the new regulations and policies on international environmental protection was the key topic discussed in this meeting.
Therefore, SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. which is global leading institute of inspection, verification, testing and certification delivered the address titled “How Does Chinese Textile Industry Responds to the New Requirements of International Environmental Protection” in this forum. Dr. Jiang Hong, the technical director of SGS Consumer Testing Department discussed the technical requirements and trend of international green textile technology and the influences caused by the new chemicals policies--REACH regulations, illustrated how SGS, the third party testing institute of global leading level, assisted the Chinese textile enterprises responded to the new requirements of international environmental protection, which aroused great concern and hot discussion among the attended representatives.
At present, when the ecological environmental protection awareness is gradually concerned, all the countries demand higher and higher requirements of environmental protection on the textiles regardless of Europe or other main markets in the world. The textile and clothes manufacturers must “strengthen themselves”, enhance their competitive advantages so as to respond to the increasing technical requirements of green textile in the global markets and thus win the markets. As a third party independent institute of global leading level, SGS will make every effort to help the Chinese enterprises to quickly master the new standards and requirements of international markets and enhance the quality and competitiveness of Chinese textiles.