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The SGS Independently Checked Mark (IC Mark), currently available for non-food consumer products offers reassurance that a product has passed independent, third-party testing. It also brings clarity to a complex market.

What is the SGS Independently Checked Mark?

Faced with a range of similar products consumers increasingly need a way to differentiate between them. The SGS IC Mark enables manufacturers to look beyond achieving the legal minimum, focus on their strengths and put the consumer at the center of plans, with independent verification.

As a manufacturer or retailer you can choose to test your products against one or more of the initiative’s seven testing criteria:

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Workmanship
  • Preferred material

Clarity From Complexity

The non-food marketplace features many approval, safety and quality marks, but in many cases there is limited information on the meaning or provenance of each mark. The SGS IC Mark brings clarity by showing that independent testing has taken place and the results of the tests. Products passing the agreed test parameters will appear in an online database and be allowed to carry the SGS Independently Checked Mark (including reference to all the criteria tested).

How does it work?

SGS will independently and randomly draw a sample of your product, conduct the testing and post the test results on a publicly accessible online database that makes the products more visible to retailers and consumers. The aim is to generate increased confidence and trust, and demonstrate compliance to the agreed IC Mark criteria, as well as applicable regulations and legislation.

Consumer QR Codes

The IC mark includes a QR code that allows users direct access to the online database for that specific product. Each online entry includes a brief product description and image, the date and scope of the test, the criteria tested and results, plus the approval number. The manufacturer’s details, plus those of any applicable retailer, are also available.

An important aspect of this program is greater transparency and increased understanding of a product and will help to simplify the often-confusing world of product marks, helping manufacturers and retailers to differentiate their product in the marketplace while bringing clarity from complexity.

Why choose the SGS Independently Checked Mark?

Our Independently Checked Mark helps manufacturers and retailers to earn and maintain the trust of consumers. It provides the public with independently-verified proof that a product has passed certain criteria, allowing them to make more informed purchase decisions.

Contact us today to find out more about how this scheme can support your manufacturing and retail activity.