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Asbestos Services

Evaluate the risk from asbestos and manage it appropriately to ensure the health and safety of people and the environment.

Despite the well-known hazards of working with asbestos, around 2 million tons is still used every year. Many countries safeguard their citizens via strict regulations on its use, removal and disposal.

SGS Asbestos Services

Based in The Netherlands, SGS’s inspection agency, SGS Search, works with real estate owners, industry professionals, the installation industry and the maritime sector to help identify asbestos and define the correct response to ensure the safety of stakeholders and regulatory compliance.

Our comprehensive range of asbestos services include:

  • Asbestos surveys to investigate whether a building or application contains asbestos and under what conditions this asbestos can be removed
  • Following asbestos remediation, our analysts will conduct a final inspection to see if the remediation has been executed properly and to determine if the area is safe to occupy
  • Soil examinations to determine the presence or absence of asbestos and/or other hazardous substances
  • Asbestos training programs
  • Project management support to help clients during complex asbestos remediation and demolition projects

In addition to its testing and training services, SGS also promotes safe practices concerning asbestos and can assist companies and individuals with the often confusing and contradictory legislation that pertains to asbestos in territories around the world.

Why choose SGS?

The company’s global Center of Excellence for Asbestos services is based in the Netherlands and supports our global operations with innovative services to the real estate sector.

With over 6,000 environmental specialists operating around the world, SGS is at the forefront of environment, health and safety testing. SGS’s Search is the frontrunner in terms of knowledge and remediation techniques concerning asbestos. Its experts work with specialists around the world to help you mitigate the inherent risks associated with asbestos.  

If you are concerned about asbestos, contact your local SGS office to learn how we can help you.

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