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Market Intelligence for Agricultural Commodities

Need-to-know insights for effective strategic decision-making.

Comprehensive market intelligence solutions providing accurate and up to date data that powers success at every stage of the agri-trade supply chain.

Successfully navigating complex global agricultural commodities markets requires access to the latest market intelligence. Gaining a better understanding of climatic conditions, crop yields, quality, trade flow, export quality and mycotoxin levels, allows traders to make better valued judgements.

Our worldwide network of specialist agronomists, backed by state-of-the-art testing facilities, provide you with high level insights into all aspects of agricultural trade. From establishing research methodologies to data collection and reporting, we help improve your decision making when launching a new product or service, fine-tuning existing services, and estimating market size, commodity product and trade. Our unrivaled experience, both at a national and international level, gives you independent strategic data and insights.

Wherever you are located in the world, our expert teams are on the ground with access to the latest digital technology. Benefit from our strategic data gathering and processing and drive your business forward with effective data-driven decision-making.

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