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Agricultural Commodities Inspections

Maintain product consistency in complex global markets with comprehensive inspection solutions for quality and quantity control in agricultural commodity supply chains from SGS.
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Agricultural commodities are subject to a wide variety of contractual and regulatory requirements. In complex markets, commodity inspections help ensure you meet these standards while fulfilling contractual obligations.

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SGS Natural Resources Agri Commodities Antwerp Belgium

Global inspection solutions

Our comprehensive range of global inspection solutions enable the early detection of non-conformities, allowing for rapid and effective corrective actions. Disruption to supply chains is therefore minimized, the potential for product recalls diminished, reputations are protected, and the costs associated with disruption reduced.

As analysts and superintendent members of both Grain and Feed Trade Association (Gafta) and Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fat Associations (FOSFA), our experts can inspect, verify, analyze and advise on all commodities traded under their contract terms.

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We are recognized as a world leader in inspection solutions for the agricultural sector. With an unrivaled global network of experts, backed by state-of-the-art testing facilities, we will help you meet contractual and regulatory requirements, wherever you operate in the world.

SGS Natural Resources Agri Commodities Antwerp Belgium

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